Working Through Infidelity

In this episode I discuss treatment of infidelity and what both partners should consider before entering therapy.

You have a choice and the Right.

Boundaries..they may look and feel differently but we all have the right to set and maintain them. In this episode I discuss key terms such as context and violation regarding boundaries. Make sure to check it out and follow for more episodes.

Secondary Trauma

This episode I discuss secondary trauma and ways it can impact those first responders and medical professionals. I also discuss some possible symptoms and somethings which can be done to practice self-care to try and manage symptoms. So let me know your thoughts and make sure to subscribe. #firstresponders #medicalprofessionals #compassionfatigue #selfcare



Levels of Trust

In this episode I discuss the three levels of trust and encouraged listeners to think about their own intimate relationships and where they are in terms of trust. Check out the podcast and make sure to subscribe in order to catch all the episodes, past and future. Send questions via anchor, email at and you can follow me on Instagram the_marriage_doc and on TikTok marriage_doc



Anxiety is something we all deal with at times, some more than others. However, having someone in your life that points you in the right direction is key. In this episode I discuss a recent travel adventure and challenges that came up and how having my wife by my side was key. Check it out!

It starts with You

In this episode I break down communication and how it begins with each of us individually. I discuss ways to work on improving our inner world so that we can interact in a more positive way with those that matter to us. Go ahead and subscribe to this podcast to keep up on episodes and ways to improve your relationships.