Brian Shrawder

You are probably wondering a few things about me…

Do I know what I’m doing?

Yes, I know what I am doing and I’m excellent at my job, here is why. Aside from the lengthy amount of training I’ve had working with couples, I also LOVE these sessions. My preferred clients are couples 25 to 55 years of age that are are fed up with the ongoing negativity and who are willing to work to bring about positive changes in their marriage. I can’t change you- you have to want the change- but I will support you both to improve your marriage and help you remember the reasons you both got together in the first place. I get it on a level that only comes with living through similar experiences.

What drives me to work with couples who need assistance in working towards healthy communication and taking better care of themselves?

In the past I would rather avoid talking about problems and feelings. It was a lot easier if I pretended that those issues and emotions didn’t exist. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way my approach didn’t work. Once I was willing to accept that problems don’t simply disappear because something happened a few days, weeks or months ago and I still felt a certain way about the issue, life got a little easier relationship-wise.  I learned a lot once I was willing to accept that my way was not working but hurting the relationship and putting distance between the two of us.

Since I have had similar issues with communication and working through my feelings, I know what works. I AM NOT A PUSHOVER THERAPIST. I will be right there working along with you both. I also call out BS in sessions. There will be times we may laugh together. I’m not afraid to talk about any topics. Sex? Finances? Infidelity? After being in the field for so long I am not likely to be surprised by anything you tell me.

I have been working with couples on communication, problem-solving, and healthy coping skills since 2010. While in graduate school I found my love of working with couples. Then another 7 years in a doctoral program specializing in Couples Therapy. Currently, I am honored to be an Adjunct Professor in Marriage and Family Therapy at Touro University Worldwide. After many years working for others in the mental health world, I decided to open my own practice and be in charge of myself.

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