Shame and Guilt

This episode I tackle shame and guilt and some ways they are demonstrated throughout our life and play out in our relationships. Check it out!


This is the second part to working through attachment injuries. I go step by step and discuss important aspects to making healthy steps in your relationship. Check it out!

Attachment Injuries

In this episode I discuss attachment injuries, what they are and how they may present.

How to Communicate with your partner

I discuss the idea of trustworthiness and how one need is communication. We delve into some excellent tools for you and your partner to use in order to get you both on track.

Parenting during Pandemic

My wife joins the podcast to discuss some experiences of parenting. We talk about obstacles and things that helped between us during the pandemic such as talking and self-care. Check it out.

Internet Infidelity

Internet infidelity is a real problem for relationships. In this episode I discuss why it can be an issue and ways therapists may treat the issues.

Connecting with your partner

I delve into connecting with your partner and working through communication issues. We discuss some ways to try and reduce those nasty disagreements.