How your Relationship can Survive the Pandemic

In this episode I discuss relationship challenges to the pandemic. I discuss ways to work with your partner in the hopes of reviving and strengthening your relationship during these tough times. Check out for more. Make sure to subscribe to this podcast!

Burnout is real but YOU have some power!

I discuss burnout and the medical field also I get into self-care interventions to practice and for you to reclaim some of your power. I finish off the episode discussing decision-making during these challenging times. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast!

Repair..say what?

This episode I discuss repair in a relationship, how it can be done and some important pieces. Check out for more. Make sure to subscribe to this podcast!

Anxiety Sucks!

Alright so in this episode of the podcast two questions are answered; 1. What creates anxiety and 2. How can we influence the process of the brain producing anxiety? These are important if your and or your partner struggle with anxiety to better understand how they are being impacted and provide support.

Parenting around the Internet

During this episode I discuss challenges social media presents to your adolescent and us parents! I discuss some statistics from other parents which may surprise you, we will look at setting boundaries and why consistency is the key! Plus, One of the top 50 best marriage tips.


This episode I discuss co-regulation, what it is, different times you’ve likely experienced it, important questions to ask yourselves about co-regulation, how stop-think and go applies and benefits for you and your partners. Check it out!


You’ve come to the right place for your relationship needs. This episode I discuss honesty and some key ways to work towards re-building trust in your relationship. After this episode you should have an understanding of the importance of honesty, ways to mutually build trust in a relationship and the importance of self-care.

Fight, Flight and Freeze

In this episode I talk about the genetic responses to fear. Also you can expect to learn about some of the experiences trauma survivors and their partners may well experience which impact their relationships and ways these relationships can be benefitted.

Protective Factors

There is a lot of misunderstanding around dual-trauma couples. In this episode I dive into protective factors and how they can benefit trauma survivors.