Relationship Issues Suck!

Nothing Changes, if nothing changes.

I help couples learn to listen to one another and break the negative cycle of communication without losing their minds. My clients struggle like you do. Even though they too are intelligent, hard-working and motivated, marriage can be hard.

When I first meet with a couple, they tend to feel frustrated and unsure what they can do to improve their relationships.

They feel exhausted, depressed, uncertain and at times plain lost.Many times, they feel like there is no saving their relationship and as though they are spinning in circles with the same issues time and again. Whether at home, out on a date or at work, they feel a lack of emotional safety because of the ongoing relationship issues.

What they desire may feel outside of their grasp. Receiving a text, phone call or just speaking with their partner is anxiety-provoking. Neither feel like the people they want to be or in the relationship they want to enjoy. They feel like they can’t win, and are failing as the husband, wife, partner, mother, father. Their confidence level with their partner is at an all- time low.

Before they came to see me, they felt overwhelmed and annoyed when talking with their partner. Other couples can conversate without arguing or getting upset, why can’t they? They worry that by talking with their partner the hopes they have for their relationship will sink deeper and deeper. But they are not getting any better and their relationship is not improving any quicker.

Like my clients, you deserve to have relationship goals, conversations with your partner that do not end in harsh feelings or storming out of a room. Feeling positive when your in the same room and able to problem-solve with your partner when needed.

If you want to learn and grow together with your partner I am here to help.