Parenting around the Internet

parenting on the internet

As a parent I am just blown away by all the terrible things online. To be fair, there are beneficial items online for educational purposes. No lie, I love jamming to music on applications as much as the next person. But recently, my wife pointed out songs our eldest son has been listening to that were disturbing! He told us one of his friends at school got him into listening to the music and that he doesn’t focus on the words. I get this idea as there are multiple artists I’ve done the same with in the past. However, my wife and I spoke and decided a boundary needed to be set with our kids not just around the crap this particular group was putting forth but in general. All I can say is “Thank you google!”. So our wifi gives us the opportunity to turn off the connection for our kids when they should be in bed. Anyone else have kids that have snuck online when they should be asleep?! I mean all this equals to is an angry and tired kids in the morning that makes getting them out the door for school all the more challenging. So check your wifi and see what options you have for this is you have kids and similar struggles.

I also want to address the boundary set with our eldest son. I came to him respectfully and told him he has a voice to express his point but this group on YouTube was no longer going to be watched nor listened to in any capacity. He agreed. I told him a lot of what this group puts out is vulgar and not acceptable. My wife and I encourage him to listen to music but nothing that is just wrong with some of the ideas it puts out there. I know its not always easy to approach our kids with concerns, but if they have a voice in the discussion it can be helpful instead of simply saying, “It is what it is.” Their voice matters and not just to them but it should to you as well. If we allow our kids to practice healthy social skills now they can carry the skills moving forward.

As a parent when the boundaries are set STICK TO THEM. It is easy for us to be laxed and give in because its easier for us but this is not teaching our kids anything positive. Remember we are the parents and the internet is not a healthy substitute.