Online Therapy and Couples

Online therapy is a great way for working with couples. Obviously being in the comfort of your own home is an excellent advantage due convenience and accessibility.  It is also great because this may be one of the first opportunities the couple had to sit down and process relationship struggles.

Making Time to Talk

Couples will often tell me they don’t have time to talk. If you don’t have time to talk then how are you going to connect? How are you going to build a bond? Both good questions and the answer is that if you don’t make time to connect, then you likely won’t, a it’s difficult to build a healthy bond without making time to focus on it. Yes, individualized time is important, but so is time together.

Online therapy allows for privacy to build a healthy bond and work on relationship struggles.  A big perk is that your home area may not have a Couples therapist nearby. Online therapy brings us together and allows for the quality treatment you and your partner deserve.

Schedule a consultation to see if online couples therapy is a good fit for you and your partner!