Fight Nice!

This month I thought I would write about an online course which I am revamping and releasing soon, Fight Nice! The idea for the group came while listening to a podcast episode from Jay Shetty, who said that couples need to learn how to fight appropriately, not that fighting should be avoided. First of all, the word “fight” comes with preconceived ideas. One of those ideas is that a fight involves a physical altercation which my course is not about, and this is actually false. There are several terms for a fight such as an argument, disagreement and so on.

There are seven parts to my course, Fight Nice! Starting with a discussion on the General Alarm system and ending with Planning for the future. The course is all about providing the necessary information so that you can then take tools and ideas provided to create a plan to help you and your partner fight constructively not destructively.

In terms of the General Alarm system, another name is fight or flight. Part of the information provided is a description of what fight or flight means and that we don’t always know when we are triggering our general alarm system. Also, a misnomer is that only those with a trauma history can experience fight or flight which is not accurate as this is something we are all born with the ability to use. The issue is that often times the system is activated when it isn’t needed, and it can have a HUGE impact on us and our interactions with those we care about the most.

The good news is there are ways to reduce these struggles and you can learn all about them when you sign up for my online course which again will be offered in the near future. If you would like to be notified when the course is available email me at Take care and be sure to check-out the next blog post and take a look around on the site as there is a lot of good information AND you can contact me for a FREE 15-minute consult for Couple and or individual therapy for those in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.